If you’re a fan of an endless grind, quick finger tapping, and doing the same thing over and over again then Adventures of Brave Bob is for you! Now, the game is adorable, hysterical and has great art and comedy to it. It just rather lacks the gameplay to continue playing it forever. Well, technically it doesn’t, you could actually play it forever. You’d just be doing that same one thing forever. A day in the life of Brave Bob is pretty simple. Train your stats, gear up, and hit the tower. Over and over and over again.

The idea is like any other. You’re a brave soul that must fight their way through a terrible tower of doom to unlock the secrets of the universe/save a princess/end an evil curse. After getting your face pummeled in during the tutorial, you wake up naked, weak and alone. A friendly scarecrow is there to see you through this tough time and show you how to grow your muscles and take on those dastardly enemies that took you down. Here’s step one of the wash, rinse, repeat structure.

There will be three types of training minigames to help you gain stats after you level up. Every time you level, you unlock the ability to keep training. There will be Attack, Crit, and Defend. Attack is your straight forward Fruit Ninja type dealio where you’re hacking and slashing those rogue apples down. To fill the meter, you can endlessly poke at the flying fruits or you can do combos like not messing up, catching stars with your backhand or just never missing. Crit involves not getting faked out by the scarecrow when he tells you when to attack or not attack. Defend is by far the most difficult one where you point your shield at the offending fruit and stop it from hitting you. While this seems easy enough, the fruit likes to ignore your shield if you’re still moving into position and some of those apples really sneak up on you. Luckily, Defend fills up the fasting so screw you apple, I’m on to your tricks.

Once you’re buff, you’ll head into the tower. Now, while it is repetitive, it’s cute and a little fun. You’ll have a range of tricks at your disposal with different cooldowns. You need to tactfully choose these spells in order to dominate the increasingly powerful tower levels. You’ll collect gold and clovers once you best your enemies. The clovers can be given to a vomiting Leprechaun (I’m not even joking) in exchange for potions and scroll to help you out. Your cold hard cash goes into buying and upgrading your gear. There are only a few pieces until you reach the final set and then you’ll just endlessly upgrade that one set until the game stops working. Which, if you played on an iPad was immediately but they fixed that.

It’s not a bad game, it’s just really short in terms of the range of content. You train, you go in the tower. You come out, you pay to upgrade the same gear, you train if you leveled, you go back in again. It’s a great concept, but after like an hour, you’re pretty set on how you feel about the game. The interactions with the monsters in the tower, the puking Leprechaun and the Scarecrow are very funny and worth a good look. It’s worth it to play, but for how long, who knows!


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