Space Pioneer is one of the most addicting games of this year. This action shooter is easy to navigate, fun to farm, and won’t let you go once you start blasting away the baddies. The premise is simple: Beam onto a planet and rid it of the bad things about it. You may need to pick up supplies, defeat a building or just clear that mega baddie waiting in the middle. Regardless of the mission, every chance to get down there and start shooting brings you further into a long night of being attached to this game.

The movements are like butter with smooth, responsive turns and auto aim shots. You’ll have to turn and look at your prey, but it’s super easy to get used to and keeps you in the action at all times. Navigating the scenery is a breeze as well as an arrow under your body will keep you in the proper direction. Your little robot buddy will help you out as well and he loves to throw in a little colorful quip or two while doing so. You’ll also have some bonus items at your disposal like a turret and a grenade, but they have their own cooldowns so use them appropriately.

After you clear a mission, or when you open a free lootbox, you’ll get some gold and some skills to upgrade. The game throws so many skills at you, it’s crazy. You’ll need both the skill unlocks and the gold to level up, so farming is almost a necessity, but it is an enjoyment at the same time. You’ll have different options to level like his personal stats, his gear, weapons, bonus equipment and space station. While the game is free, you’ll also have those freemium aspects of gems, but those can also be earned in game as well so you won’t have to miss out on any of the pay-to-win action even if you don’t pay!

Upgrade your hero and your space station because you’ll need all the power you can get in the later stages. Xeldar, the epic boss, is creeping across the universe and leaving mini-bosses in his wake. You’ll have to chase him down and defeat him, but he’s a rather ambitious foe! Gather up all those skills and gold and boost yourself to the hero we all deserve. Luckily, it’s not as simple as leaving your finger on the fire button. You’ll have to manage how often you shoot or your weapon could overheat. You can take those cooldown periods to heal or throw a grenade, or be awesome and don’t overheat at all!

There’s so much to enjoy in this game and there’s no way you’ll ever want to stop playing it. This game can grab those from multiple genres of love, even if they weren’t an action kind of person. Help save the universe from the evil Xeldar and farm your little heart out shooting down all those icky little aliens. Make sure you keep a calendar and mark what day it is when you start playing. You never know how long it will be when you finally stop!


Have you always wanted to reboot your own version of the Power Rangers? Remember the good old days in the ’90s where you’d stay glued to the screen to see what crazy monster they’d vanquish next? Well, now you can relive your childhood with Chroma Squad! Well, perhaps instead you’ll learn the gritty truth behind your favorite stage show and just how much work actually went into it!

In Chroma Squad, you’re five disgruntled stuntmen/women that look like the Power Rangers (the game is blessed by Bandai themselves), and you’re fighting the bad guys for the cameras. Fed up with a bossy director, the five stunt people decide to head off and make their own bare bones action show. At the start, you can choose whether you want a casual game where it’s easy to play and you glide through not having to worry about stats or whatnot, or an interesting or challenging game where you’ve got to nitpick over everything that goes on in your studio. From the stats on the gear and costumes to upgrading your camera for more fans and your health care for a bigger health pool.

While that seems a weird thing to do for a staged show, all the fights take into account these stats and your actors could die from their fake fight scenes! This game wraps a tactical RPG with a production sim and ties it up with a big humorous bow. Your actors know exactly what they’ve gotten themselves into and they make loads of jokes in and out of production. From bouncing on their crabby director to getting their own warehouse for production to hiring staff that just happen to be family. Don’t just speed through the dialogue even though it prompts you that you could. You’d be missing out on one of the biggest charms of the game!

Not only will you build up your studio and your fanbase, you’ll be customizing absolutely everything about your show. You cast your five actors (being that they were hiding under costumes, they could have been anyone), and you can even name your studio, catchphrases, Chroma shouts and so much more. After all these customizations, you’ll be deep within the fight sequences themselves. While you have to keep your actors alive, you’ll also have mini-quests to complete during those scenes. Rescue the kidnapped cousin in three turns or make sure to perform three acrobatic acts during the episode. If you complete these quests, your viewers skyrocket. If you fail, well, they’ll most likely start changing the channel.

Everything relies on upgrading, completing amazing episodes and gathering all the fans that you can. After every episode, you get to see the social media feed of your fanbase, and that adds an extra layer to the humor of it all. While the sights and sounds will bring you back to the 90’s, the modern day need to please your fans will have you working every strategic muscle that you can. With three different routes your game can take, you’ll be spending hours, even days’ worth of time making sure you have the best studio that social media can buy. Just try not to get cancelled.


Darkest Dungeon gets Game of the Year for being a fun, easy going and casual game that you’ll enjoy playing when you’re ready to relax. Just kidding. Darkest Dungeon inflicts upon you the worst amount of gaming torture you’ve ever seen in a mobile game. Wanted to chill out and game in your downtime? Darkest Dungeon curses in your face and preys on every nerve and stress trigger you have. Welcome to Hell. Population: You and your mobile device.

Dramatics aside, this game is gorgeous, chilling, and can inflict on you emotions you didn’t know you have. It can reach its steely grip right into your core and hold on to you until your forlorn heroes take their final breath. The story is simple enough. Create a team that can venture into the abyss underneath a mansion that you’ve inherited from a lost relative. Your crazy ancestor decided to dig tunnels all around under the house in order to find a hidden treasure which turned out to be a dark dimension that is now spewing its scum into your world. Easy enough, if this was a light hearted and fun RPG where you can pick up your sword and shield and go at it. But this is pure gaming hell so there’s no easy here.

You’ll have to create a party of adventurers that you recruit to tame these dark wilds and take back your lands from evil. What Darkest Dungeon does is add an extra element to the game in terms of “stress”. Just like real stress, if your heroes have too much of it, they kick the bucket. See someone die? That’s stress. Watch someone turn into a monster? That’s stress. Step on a trap and contract Ebola? That’s stress, and probably death. Stress, stress, stress. Everyone’s stressed. You’re stressed. Isn’t a game supposed to be the opposite of that?

The best part (the worst part) is that if they full on die, that’s it, they’re gone. You can visit them in their little character graveyard where you can see all the loot they died with and can’t recover. You’ll have to make good choices and set up your party of up to four with the best choices that work together. The good thing is that as you continue through the scenarios, you’ll be able to upgrade your town which will draw the attention of more qualified recruits and gear choices. Don’t worry about all the bodies piling up in your graveyard. They were just… experiments.

Do everything you can to keep your mercenaries alive and you may find out what your interesting family member was up to. Even if you make it through to the end and complete the actual darkest dungeon, you can do it all again on an incrementally harder game mode. There’s even more chances to pull your hair out, throw your mobile device and curse the day you ever got into gaming. Regardless of all the pain and suffering the game may give, there is no game more worth a playthrough (or several) then Darkest Dungeon. This beautiful and haunting game may be difficult, but it one of the most creative and addicting games there currently is on the market.

Note: the image is copyright of Darkest Dungeon.

If you’re looking for a new resource strategy addiction, time to look for the Phantom Signal. This tower defense-y, resource hoarding, and build and time management game throws you into the depths of space and wishes you good luck. While the screenshots may look overwhelming and scary, a few minutes into the game and you’re already a pro. To survive the vast dangers of the darkness, you’ll need to harvest resources from asteroids, build your network of defensive weapons and buckle down for some big battles. You’ll be building an intricate spiderweb across the night sky in hopes that your build sustains your life and completes your objective.

You’ll start off easy by just farming some asteroids and booping away a few villains that come near, but every board of the campaign will draw you further down the path to total space domination. Well, not really, but you’ll be creating some major K’nex like structures of connections between all your different structures. You’ll have miners to mine the asteroids, power stations to give you the energy to run and build things, relays to branch together the structures, missile and turret towers, and batteries to save all the extra energy. All of these have to be built in the perfect way to complete the objectives.

There are 16 objectives in the campaign and each asks you to complete a different task. You may be extending your build halfway across space to reach a stranded ship or build up a strong defensive for a passing barricade. To really test your talents, you’ll even have to follow ships from your team and defend them as they travel across the sky. No easy feat when you’re only working with stationary structures and long reaching relays. You’ll also have to watch your resources and your energy through all of this. The resources allow you to purchase and upgrade your buildings and relays. Your energy is needed to build those structures and to fire both the miners and all the weapons. If you don’t have enough energy stations or batteries, you may run dry on energy and be overrun by enemy attackers. It’s a delicate balance of using all your resources in a strategic way so you’ll always have every shot you need to take.

As you play, you’ll earn research points to unlock bonuses and power ups. You’ll be able to decrease your energy use building or unlock even stronger weapons along the way. You’ll also get the powers to speed up or slow down time itself. A valuable feature when the space is really hitting the fan. You’ll get a paltry amount of research points in campaign, so the real research money maker is Survival Mode. Here you can earn yourself a spot on the leaderboards and a fist full of research points. How long you last is up to your skills as management and your drive to keep completing your research tree. Imagine how many points you could earn once you unlock the whole tree!

Along with the great gameplay, Phantom Signal has smooth, ethereal graphics and sounds that draw you into the game. It’s the type of game that if you just give the first board a chance, you’ll be hooked in and never come out until you’ve conquered the skies. Campaign mode is only 16 maps long, but they just gear you up for the cutthroat survival mode. You’ll have to keep fighting to see how far you really go, so having a short campaign barely matters in the long run. Just think of it as a super long tutorial just gearing you up for the real game.


If you’re a fan of an endless grind, quick finger tapping, and doing the same thing over and over again then Adventures of Brave Bob is for you! Now, the game is adorable, hysterical and has great art and comedy to it. It just rather lacks the gameplay to continue playing it forever. Well, technically it doesn’t, you could actually play it forever. You’d just be doing that same one thing forever. A day in the life of Brave Bob is pretty simple. Train your stats, gear up, and hit the tower. Over and over and over again.

The idea is like any other. You’re a brave soul that must fight their way through a terrible tower of doom to unlock the secrets of the universe/save a princess/end an evil curse. After getting your face pummeled in during the tutorial, you wake up naked, weak and alone. A friendly scarecrow is there to see you through this tough time and show you how to grow your muscles and take on those dastardly enemies that took you down. Here’s step one of the wash, rinse, repeat structure.

There will be three types of training minigames to help you gain stats after you level up. Every time you level, you unlock the ability to keep training. There will be Attack, Crit, and Defend. Attack is your straight forward Fruit Ninja type dealio where you’re hacking and slashing those rogue apples down. To fill the meter, you can endlessly poke at the flying fruits or you can do combos like not messing up, catching stars with your backhand or just never missing. Crit involves not getting faked out by the scarecrow when he tells you when to attack or not attack. Defend is by far the most difficult one where you point your shield at the offending fruit and stop it from hitting you. While this seems easy enough, the fruit likes to ignore your shield if you’re still moving into position and some of those apples really sneak up on you. Luckily, Defend fills up the fasting so screw you apple, I’m on to your tricks.

Once you’re buff, you’ll head into the tower. Now, while it is repetitive, it’s cute and a little fun. You’ll have a range of tricks at your disposal with different cooldowns. You need to tactfully choose these spells in order to dominate the increasingly powerful tower levels. You’ll collect gold and clovers once you best your enemies. The clovers can be given to a vomiting Leprechaun (I’m not even joking) in exchange for potions and scroll to help you out. Your cold hard cash goes into buying and upgrading your gear. There are only a few pieces until you reach the final set and then you’ll just endlessly upgrade that one set until the game stops working. Which, if you played on an iPad was immediately but they fixed that.

It’s not a bad game, it’s just really short in terms of the range of content. You train, you go in the tower. You come out, you pay to upgrade the same gear, you train if you leveled, you go back in again. It’s a great concept, but after like an hour, you’re pretty set on how you feel about the game. The interactions with the monsters in the tower, the puking Leprechaun and the Scarecrow are very funny and worth a good look. It’s worth it to play, but for how long, who knows!


Griblers is a very fun strategic board game like RPG. It’s an offline only game so once you buy it, it’s all yours to play at any time whether you have internet or not. It also has no ads and no pay to win features on it, so it’s really a one-time only purchase kind of game that can give you hours of enjoyment! The beautiful graphics and tiled setting gives it a board game like feel along with turn-based strategy where you need to make smart decisions on how to save and improve your ancient town.

Enter the Griblers. Three little Mushroom Trolls (a first in the fantasy realm) who are trying to restore their ancient homeland. When you start off, you’ll be adventuring out into the tiled world to look for food and resources. Those resources will start you on your way to crafting simple tools and starting the building blocks of your upgrades. Beware though as the fog of war rests upon the field. You never know what might be on that tile you’re heading to! It could be some much-needed food, a valuable resource, or a deadly trap! There are even monsters waiting for you out there! Small creatures that are usually no harm to us are deadly to the Griblers. They’ll encounter ants and other small bugs that are normally just foot fodder for us.

You’ll want to take your time and explore the world gathering as many resources as you can. The Griblers form a unique team as they all have their own specialties in this party. You have a brave warrior who is ready to fight to protect the pack. A cunning scout can see through the fog of war and detect any traps around him. Then there’s the lazy one. There’s always a lazy one. He follows behind with his backpack, harvesting up and carrying all the precious resources. You’ll have to make sure to keep him safe as he’s got your most precious cargo!

You’ll take those resources back to down and upgrade your tools and village. As you level, your Griblers get stronger too in how far they can move as well as their health and attack. You’ll need these improved strengths as you go along fighting and gathering your way to victory. Be careful though as the perilous spider will be one of the most difficult enemies you face near the end. If they cut you down, you’ll respawn back at home with all your gear, but you’ll lose a whole level of work. You’ll have to make sure you’ve got the best gear and experience, so you can defeat the spiders and save your homeland!

The graphics are beautiful and draw you into this fantasy world. The enchanting music will keep you going as you plod along through the perilous landscapes. You’ll also enjoy the fun interactions between the Griblers and the humorous dialogue that ensues. You’ll enjoy every minute of the playtime and every resource that you gather that brings you ever so closer to the final encounter. Luckily, it won’t be the actual final encounter as there are future chapters of the game already in the works, so you’ll be able to progress with the Griblers story several times!

This amazing game offers everything to the mobile RPG, strategy and board game lover. The broad genre appeal, adorable encounters and alluring atmosphere make this game A+ quality. We can’t wait to see what the Griblers have in store in the future!


If you ever wanted to make your home in a bunker underground as the rest of the world shatters around you, then Sheltered is for you! This post-apocalyptic survival game will take you down and dirty into the life of a family just trying to get by. You’ll be making some life and death decisions constantly like who are you going to feed? Who’s going to fix the water filter out there in the radioactive wasteland? Who’s going to clean out the toilet bucket?

Sheltered brings survival to new heights with its potato level graphics, constantly starving pet, and primitive technology that just keeps breaking down. Honestly, how does a toilet bucket keep breaking? It’s literally a bucket they squat over. As these simple frustrations overtake you, you’ll enjoy the rest of what Sheltered has to offer. It’s a time sensitive, micromanaging game where you need to search for supplies, keep your home base running and hope you don’t let your kids die.

The small joys in your life include a crafting bench with oodles of things for you to craft, if you have the resources that is. There are many items that you can build and place inside your underground home that either help the family or just make the place a little nicer to live in. The furniture and technology lets you move it around the bunker so you can create your own layout, including adding extra rooms and a new coat of paint. Space is limited though and that whole new room may not hold very much so make important choices when creating new bits that hang around your home.

You’ll also be constantly fixing and upgrading things around the house like the water filter, oxygen filter, generator and of course, the toilet bucket. These things break constantly so make sure you keep your little minions on it, so your Sheltered family doesn’t get wiped out. Don’t forget the family pet either. It needs to be fed constantly to keep it from starving as well, but each of the four pets you get to choose from gives you an added benefit so it’s not just dead weight eating up all your chow.

You’ll have to send your family members out on expeditions to bring back those much needed supplies. There may be places close to your base to check out, or perhaps they’re very far away. You’ll need to pack things like water and gas masks to make the trip, so hopefully you bring back enough resources to warrant the excursions. You may be nibbling your last rations as the crew is out getting more. That’s if you find any.

There will be many encounters with other survivors, all NPCs, who want to trade, join you, or kill you. Make sure you’re armed up and ready to go because you never know when they’re going to come knocking down your door. You’ll not only need to tend to your base, but prepare for expeditions, attacks, and doing a little hunting on the side as well. For game, that is. You’re not going out to murder your neighbors before they can murder you, unless that’s an option.

All in all, Sheltered is a great way to get super frustrated that the damn dog is still starving. I mean, that it’s a super fun game where you watch a family be slowly tortured by a radioactive apocalypse. Let me start over. Sheltered is a great game to pass the time and watch the toilet bucket break. Oh, who am I kidding? Sheltered is fun, I swear.


Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space?! will bring you delight that you have yet to see in an app game. From the super fun dialogue, hysterical character names and awesome music and graphics, the ambiance will suck you in while the gameplay takes you away! After a successful run in the weapon shop of Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?!, you’re rocketed off into space to earn your keep and safe the universe. Well, maybe not the entire universe, but just one lonely spud in it.

As you take over the position of captain on your interstellar voyage, you’ll meet Cassie and Fay. These two potato ladies have lost their grandfather to the villainous organization, The Eclipse. Those baddies are hot on your trail as you zip away to get yourself all dolled up for a fight. You won’t be able to take them down in the beginning though, and that’s where this game will take you. You’ll have to strategize your time, resources, and travel to stay ahead of the bad guys and on target for that final takedown.

Everything you do is a major decision and these decisions can change on the fly depending on how hot on your tail The Eclipse is. If they’re breathing down your neck, you’ll be in full on emergency mode. The turn-based mechanic of the game is called SOLs, and you’ll need to keep up your SOLs in order to explore, travel, and make sure you’re staying on time in the game world. If you run out of SOLs, The Eclipse catches up and you’re in a space battle you’re truly unprepared for.

To get prepared, you must hop around the galaxy obtaining resources, skilled crew members and highly advanced weapons to beef up your ride. Everything about this game is strategy, including the time taken to rest your crew and create your crafts. These are counted down in SOL and not real time, so you have to be “crafty” about the moves you make. You could be still waiting for the big cannons to be created when the enemy is upon you. You’ll have plenty of chances along the way to test out your guns on those that get in your way, including some big bosses. If you’ve progressed correctly, you’ll take them down without issue.

While you’re making many decisions, the game is still fairly linear. If you make the wrong one and waste your SOLs, the enemy catches up. If you make the right one, you follow on the same path every time you play, so the replay value is lacking a little, but you never know what you might have missed the first time. Maybe you’ll even want to be caught on purpose just to see another hilarious cutscene take place. There are so many little nods to nerd lore in this game, it would be impossible to see them all on only one playthrough.

Make sure you’re properly managing everything about your game, even down to the space battles themselves. You’ll get to choose what parts of the ship to attack and you’ll have to strategically place your shields as well. You won’t be able to change them once in battle, so tactic choices are extremely important. This includes when to fire and not fire your weapons due to your level of charge. It’s challenging but will become much easier as you upgrade your weapons and your firepower grows.

You’re well on your way to being the top spud of the space fleet. While the potato jokes are abound, you’ll also meet many other space denizens that are sentient foods and other wacky things. It’s an amazing blend of a complicated and intricate strategy system and a laugh out loud pun fest that will leave you loving this game for a long time.


Meteorfall is an amazing new card game that will have you flipping cards and flipping tables all the way to the final boss. You’ll need to slash, stab, cast and heal your way to a victory before one of those ugly monsters take you down. There is no save point here! Once you’re down, you’re out! Meteorfall packs it’s entire game into one small price and is free of ads and any in game purchases. Everything you need you earn right in game!

Upon this journey, you’ll be playing as either a warrior, a thief, a wizard, priest or a necromancer. Each hero has a select group of cards that they’ll start with and pull from along their journey. The warrior depends on brute strength will the thief is a stamina demon. The wizard will be casting his heart out while the priest will smite and heal as best she can. A new hero is on their way, the Necrodude, who brings the undead to life to battle his enemies. With each win, you’ll earn gems that help you unlock more cards for these special heroes, but even they’re not needed to stab your way to a high score!

The game is simple to grasp and hard to master. With each turn, you’ll either fight a monster or get one of the many other choices this game has to offer. You could head to the shop for new cards or over to the blacksmith to upgrade what you’ve got. The Temple will help you reduce your card load while the Treasure gives you the option to add to it. You’ll need to strategize all your trips as well as healing and which benefits to take along the way when you level or encounter unique obstacles in your path. Choosing between your HPs or getting an extra turn can be heart wrenching if you’re so close to the final boss. Those few HPs you gave up could mean your very victory or doom.

The graphics are amazing, fun and quirky, and the animation is a blast. There’s no clean and proper atmosphere here. You’re playing with grubby cards on a wooden table somewhere out in the woods and an angry bear is your dealer. The immersion of the game is the best part as you’re fighting for your life and having fun doing it. You’ll have to make sure you’re getting everything you need to out of your deck with the right upgrades, adds and removals. Pick your favorite hero, play the crap out of them and master every twist and turn they have to offer. With three play rounds and a final boss, you’ll have to act quick and power yourself up or that boss is going to sneak up to you quickly and lay you to waste. If they do, don’t worry! Just start over and make sure you take a new path on your way to victory.

The game is brand new and there’s a lot of things that need to be worked out, like a global scoreboard who’s been a little tampered with, or some easy cheats to make your game super simple. There’s no fun in a simple game, especially in Meteorfall where every card stirs an emotion as it’s added or lost from your deck. The game is hard, but very fun, and the randomness and thoughtfulness that will make you a champion will be well earned! This is not a game to be missed, and at a low single purchase price, this game pays for itself after the first minute of hilarity and table flipping angst.

Pro Tip: Less is more. You don’t want to add tons of cards to your deck. Make thoughtful choices and visit the Temple often to get rid of cards you realize are holding you back. Especially with the Thief, you’ll want the least amount of cards possible that use up a turn instead of giving you one back for free.


Have you ever wanted to own a retail store but didn’t want to deal with the hassle of inventory, accounting and advertising? Well, look no further than Shop Heroes! Honestly, it’s nothing like a retail store, but hey, who’s really counting? In this adorable shop simulator, you’ll be crafting the best weapons, armors, potions and ammo that money can buy. And buy they will! This never-ending cycle of shop life will have you playing all day and selling all night, and that’s just barely scratching the surface.

Shop Heroes boasts about two things right there in the name, a shop and heroes. You’ll run your shop and gear your heroes to send them out on perilous quests for artifacts to craft new gear with and raid items to boost your town score. If you ever wanted a game that was great with spreadsheets, this would be the one. You start off with a meager little shop with items that you craft in seconds to a bustling shopping empire where your time management skills will be put to the test. As the items you craft get more powerful, they’ll take longer to make so plan accordingly!

As for the crafting system, it’s a very straightforward process. If you’ve got the resources, you can craft the item in one of your nine crafting slots. Resources refill over time and you can enhance your town and your storage containers to get more of that juicy, juicy steel a lot faster. Sometimes an item will need an artifact to craft it and that’s where your heroes come into play. The cycle turns as you craft gear to put on your hero to send them out to get artifacts to craft more gear! It may sound redundant, but every quest inches you closer to your final goal. What is that goal? Anything you want it to be.

You can master your crafting items, you can level your heroes and the people that craft the items in your shop. You can level the buildings in your town and enhance the buffs each building gives you for your crafting and quest power levels. There’s even an option to fuse items which you receive early on that will help to raise the quality of the items you craft. Mind you, the Fusion Pot, as it’s called, is the biggest time bottleneck in the game, so this is where you’ll really have to plan accordingly, but you can add slots and buff the Fusion Pot too as you grow so anything is possible!

Lots of gear comes with special stats on it that give buffs to your heroes, so you’ll have to use intricate combinations of items to get the most out of your questing teams. You’ll have to make sure they don’t break their gear, don’t get knocked out for extended periods of time, and bring home the most goodies as possible. If you love math and planning, this is the game for you! If you don’t love math or planning, this is the game for you! Just craft your heart out and don’t worry about the small stuff. Anything you need from quests, you can purchase from other players, so don’t fret if your team wipes out. Just try, try again!

You’ll earn all the gold you need by selling those crafted items to the NPCs that constantly arrive in your store asking for those goods, or to other players through the Trading House. There’s gold, the in-game currency, and gems, the purchasable currency. Gems are super easy to farm in game without paying a dime, so don’t worry about being pay-to-win. You can get everything you need through perseverance and hard work. Start small, grow big and join the cult that is Shop Heroes. I mean, amazing retail game experience with fantasy aspects. That’s what I meant.