If you’re looking for more monkeys popping balloons than ever before, you’ve come to the right place. The Bloons series keeps raising the bar on what TDs are these days, and Bloons TD 6 is a prime example. Every new edition adds a new element of fun and this time, there’s a whole lot of new. If you’ve never played Bloons before, or just a long, long time ago, there’s a lot to take in. We’re taking a fresh perspective on this one.

There’s a lot of TDs that make you put up towers in specific places or locked in quadrants, but not here. You can place the towers any old direction you choose, so long as it’s not directly on the path, of course. There are many different towers to choose from as well. Not just the simple direct shooters and slowers and all that jazz that we’re used to. You’ve also got some pretty well-trained monkeys taking to battle with their fits, wit, and well, things you don’t really want to know about. At least it’s not poop. There are 17 different monkey towers and four different heroes to go through, so you could create an amazing strategy on any board!

As you go through the maps, you’ll unlock all these crazy towers. You’ll also earn exp towards leveling the skills of the tower, making the stronger, shoot further or faster, or have other interesting bonuses. This goes for the hero monkeys too. Each tower and hero have three upgrade paths available, but you’ll only be able to upgrade in two of the paths. You’ll need those upgrades as these balloons you’re shooting down aren’t the simple thin latex kind. There are several different types of balloons whether they may need extra shots to take them down, or they’re entombed in metal or other substances and completely immune to some of your towers. That’s where the variety and the upgrades come in.

You’ll travel through a variety of maps as well, from easy to hard. The good part is, the easy maps even get hard, so it will be a pure challenge all the way through the levels. You may have to grind some maps over and over just to get the points in your towers to be able to defeat the levels without anyone breaking through your defenses. You’ll need variety, positioning, and power to break through all the crazy balloon patterns that will attack you at breakneck speeds.

Once you’re ready with your tower lineups, you may find some obstacles in your way. In this particular version, there may be some preexisting buildings that are blocking the line of sight of your tower, or perhaps a water trap is in your way. You’ll have to make sure to save up some cash to deal with these obstacles or formulate a strategic build pattern to accommodate them into the build. As a bonus, there are some fun animations when you click around on the towers. You never know who will say hi to you! Bloons TD 6 really gave it their all in creating an all-around, fun, challenging and interesting TD generation. Who knows what the next one will be like!


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