Cat Quest is the purrfect game on the go for mobile gamers and RPG lovers alike. This short and sweet story driven adventure will claw at your heart and bring you towards tears of hysteria, or maybe you’re just allergic to cats. Sorry about that.

Your hero, which is obviously a cat, is an agile fighter, a dapper dresser and comes with more cat puns then you could possibly handle. While you’re cracking up at the jokes swept across this vast open-world, you’ll be on your way to find your sister that has been stolen by an evil cat. It’s Cat Quest, everyone’s cats. Get over it.

As for the gameplay, it handles like a dream. That’s a very good thing as this swipe and slash is dependent on your skills at dodging creature attacks, quickly handling spells, and getting just enough jabs in to take out that terribly cute monster. Whether it’s a ram that must have trained with Thor, or a fox who’s secretly a Flareon, these monsters will have you heading towards the hills and then right back into the fray in just fractions of a second. You must be quick on your feet, and the extremely responsive gameplay can handle your every frantic move.

The open-world houses many towns with rest stops and quests, bushes with hidden prizes or enemies, and caves galore, each with their own little secrets. While running through this lush landscape is super smooth, you might get caught up in the tiny corners of those little happy towns, so try to keep a wide berth while coming in for your cat nap. The last thing we need is for you to get stuck behind a building and rage run into a dragon.

You’ll need to slay roaming baddies and empty treasure laden caves to level up. There’s quite a huge jump in the main story line from the starter levels to the dragon slaying showdown, so adventure around! All of the little towns you find will need help in many ways as shown on their side quest billboards. You could be saving a cursed king, trying to find an armorsmith’s missing packages, and showing everyone you’re a super awesome dragon slayer. These are all big bucks in the EXP department, so straying off the main quest line is not such a bad idea! Better than taking on a dragon when you’re still newborn with a little wooden sword and some big dreams.

One of the best parts of the game is the equipment system. Instead of having to receive a million pieces of gear to upgrade and having to clear out last year’s fashion from your bag every five minutes, you’ll only need to grab one of each gear item. If you find another in a chest, it levels the one you currently have. You’ll still have a wide selection of pieces to wear, but you won’t have to worry about getting rid of a previous level’s fancy hat. Your hat’s pimp levels rise with you!

Cat Quest is a must have for any avid mobile gamer, and it also can be found on Steam for PC as well! No matter how you want to play it, you’ll be happily purring as you swing your sword, equip your funny hat and be the dragon slayer you were destined to… Hold on… Hairball.


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