Have you always wanted to reboot your own version of the Power Rangers? Remember the good old days in the ’90s where you’d stay glued to the screen to see what crazy monster they’d vanquish next? Well, now you can relive your childhood with Chroma Squad! Well, perhaps instead you’ll learn the gritty truth behind your favorite stage show and just how much work actually went into it!

In Chroma Squad, you’re five disgruntled stuntmen/women that look like the Power Rangers (the game is blessed by Bandai themselves), and you’re fighting the bad guys for the cameras. Fed up with a bossy director, the five stunt people decide to head off and make their own bare bones action show. At the start, you can choose whether you want a casual game where it’s easy to play and you glide through not having to worry about stats or whatnot, or an interesting or challenging game where you’ve got to nitpick over everything that goes on in your studio. From the stats on the gear and costumes to upgrading your camera for more fans and your health care for a bigger health pool.

While that seems a weird thing to do for a staged show, all the fights take into account these stats and your actors could die from their fake fight scenes! This game wraps a tactical RPG with a production sim and ties it up with a big humorous bow. Your actors know exactly what they’ve gotten themselves into and they make loads of jokes in and out of production. From bouncing on their crabby director to getting their own warehouse for production to hiring staff that just happen to be family. Don’t just speed through the dialogue even though it prompts you that you could. You’d be missing out on one of the biggest charms of the game!

Not only will you build up your studio and your fanbase, you’ll be customizing absolutely everything about your show. You cast your five actors (being that they were hiding under costumes, they could have been anyone), and you can even name your studio, catchphrases, Chroma shouts and so much more. After all these customizations, you’ll be deep within the fight sequences themselves. While you have to keep your actors alive, you’ll also have mini-quests to complete during those scenes. Rescue the kidnapped cousin in three turns or make sure to perform three acrobatic acts during the episode. If you complete these quests, your viewers skyrocket. If you fail, well, they’ll most likely start changing the channel.

Everything relies on upgrading, completing amazing episodes and gathering all the fans that you can. After every episode, you get to see the social media feed of your fanbase, and that adds an extra layer to the humor of it all. While the sights and sounds will bring you back to the 90’s, the modern day need to please your fans will have you working every strategic muscle that you can. With three different routes your game can take, you’ll be spending hours, even days’ worth of time making sure you have the best studio that social media can buy. Just try not to get cancelled.


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