Darkest Dungeon gets Game of the Year for being a fun, easy going and casual game that you’ll enjoy playing when you’re ready to relax. Just kidding. Darkest Dungeon inflicts upon you the worst amount of gaming torture you’ve ever seen in a mobile game. Wanted to chill out and game in your downtime? Darkest Dungeon curses in your face and preys on every nerve and stress trigger you have. Welcome to Hell. Population: You and your mobile device.

Dramatics aside, this game is gorgeous, chilling, and can inflict on you emotions you didn’t know you have. It can reach its steely grip right into your core and hold on to you until your forlorn heroes take their final breath. The story is simple enough. Create a team that can venture into the abyss underneath a mansion that you’ve inherited from a lost relative. Your crazy ancestor decided to dig tunnels all around under the house in order to find a hidden treasure which turned out to be a dark dimension that is now spewing its scum into your world. Easy enough, if this was a light hearted and fun RPG where you can pick up your sword and shield and go at it. But this is pure gaming hell so there’s no easy here.

You’ll have to create a party of adventurers that you recruit to tame these dark wilds and take back your lands from evil. What Darkest Dungeon does is add an extra element to the game in terms of “stress”. Just like real stress, if your heroes have too much of it, they kick the bucket. See someone die? That’s stress. Watch someone turn into a monster? That’s stress. Step on a trap and contract Ebola? That’s stress, and probably death. Stress, stress, stress. Everyone’s stressed. You’re stressed. Isn’t a game supposed to be the opposite of that?

The best part (the worst part) is that if they full on die, that’s it, they’re gone. You can visit them in their little character graveyard where you can see all the loot they died with and can’t recover. You’ll have to make good choices and set up your party of up to four with the best choices that work together. The good thing is that as you continue through the scenarios, you’ll be able to upgrade your town which will draw the attention of more qualified recruits and gear choices. Don’t worry about all the bodies piling up in your graveyard. They were just… experiments.

Do everything you can to keep your mercenaries alive and you may find out what your interesting family member was up to. Even if you make it through to the end and complete the actual darkest dungeon, you can do it all again on an incrementally harder game mode. There’s even more chances to pull your hair out, throw your mobile device and curse the day you ever got into gaming. Regardless of all the pain and suffering the game may give, there is no game more worth a playthrough (or several) then Darkest Dungeon. This beautiful and haunting game may be difficult, but it one of the most creative and addicting games there currently is on the market.

Note: the image is copyright of Darkest Dungeon.

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