If you’re looking for a getaway from your normal app games, it’s time to head over to Dice Soccer City. This dice rolling sports game has so much more than the name gives away. Of course, it’s highly based off rolling dice and winning a soccer match, but the build up to those matches, the strategy involved, and the planning to acquire the players just to play the match are amazing. The game doesn’t just throw you onto the field naked and afraid. It’ll build you up, boost your morale, and then spit you out like chewed gum.

Starting off, you’ll have a barebones town bestowed upon you by the Mothership. It needs you to be amazing at soccer. Why? Who knows, but just do it. This little town already has some denizens who might have a few soccer skills kicking around and you’ll have to pull them out of their retirement. You’ll learn the basic skills of how to play Dice Soccer while you’re putting together your first team. Now remember, a lot of these people gave up their soccer dreams, so go easy on them! Who are we kidding, they’re all secretly pros.

After you’ve bummed around town and picked up all you can, you’re going to have to start recruiting hard. The only way to do that is to make your town as appeasing as possible for those galivanting around the cosmos looking for a place to play some soccer. Through the tutorial games, you’ve earned Boxes, which when properly cooked through a timer in your Arrival area, give you many different types of land pieces including dirt paths, trees, water and more. Every time you plunk one of those pieces into your world, you’re on the road to recruiting a new player. Some guys just love fresh water, others can’t get enough trees. Each item shows you how many more you need of them to recruit a new player, so just keep building! If you’ve run out of slots to put land pieces in, you just need to upgrade your world with some gold to gain new space. There are 76 total players to recruit and that will take a lot of room, so get to expanding your land and emptying your wallet!

Outside of gold, there’s also Cubes which are the pay-to-win currency. You don’t have to worry about paying though as the game just throws them at you every day. You can use the cubes to rush boxes, so you can open them faster, or buy bigger, fancier boxes to get cooler stuff. Sometimes when you open the boxes, you can earn Cubes as well, so you might recoup some of the cost! If your boxes are taking forever to open, check on your Morale! If it’s low, you’ll get less gold for wins and things will take longer to build, upgrade and open! You can boost morale by playing games, plopping down decor, greeting visitors and watching videos. Happy people are speedy people!

If that wasn’t enough, there’s still plenty to do in your town. You can check out your Goals which are little quests to earn you free Cubes and Gold. There’s Goals for recruiting, rushing boxes, motivating the players and more. There’s also a Trader in town who will have some random pieces of land you might want to purchase from him. The higher rank you are in Soccer, the more stuff you can find in his wares! Don’t forget to check around your town for the little green smiley faces. Those are players who are itching to play, and you can boost morale by throwing them in a game!

After everything’s all set up, it’s time to hop into a game! You can play through casual AI games or head on out to the big scary world of PVP. Once you’re inside a game, get your rolling fingers ready, it’s going to be a long ride. If your roll isn’t good enough, the game lets you have a chance to reroll using up extra energy for a better chance. If you’re on the winning side, the game will play on as is, so you don’t have to worry about over rolling a winning hand. Players have all kinds of different effects to rolling like benefits on your dice roll to certain moves after you’ve rolled a particular number. Some of these moves can take energy though so plan accordingly! Once you’ve made it to the enemy’s goal, you’ll have to kick the ball at the right time when your little bar moves into the green zone. It may be big or small depending on your roll. If you fail, you’ll have to repeat another play of the game before you have a chance to win. The game wants you to win though, so keep trying!

The beautiful colors, fun music and adorable pixel graphics will entertain your eyes as your fingers roll their way to victory. The fun banter of the players and the silly team names give this game an adorable edge that will keep you micromanaging your team all day long. If you don’t love soccer, you will after this game! Well, virtual soccer through dice rolling at least.


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