Ever feel that itch to just wipe out humanity for your own greedy purposes? Look no further than Doomsday Clicker, the super quirky clicker that will let you take over your own post-apocalyptic world, and make it even worse!

While the world is in chaos, you’re here to profit! This easy-going mobile game sets you up your new underground metropolis and lets you earn money both actively and inactively. As you add on rooms to your bunker and upgrade them, you’ll earn more and more inactive cash. If you’re feeling a little trigger happy, you can watch the tormented souls that now live topside and squish out their little bug and rat lives. Who knew mutated bugs and rats could be so rich? Some of them even have Gold and Humans! Not only will you see them on the surface, but some will attack your rooms as well. Poke out their souls for some quick cash if they come and attack! Usually, you’d have to pay an exterminator, but now the vermin pay you!

As you earn that cash, you’ll also earn Humans. How you earn them poking creatures and making money, no one really knows. They just show up! Once you feel you have enough, there’s a super shiny, big, red button just waiting for you to push. Go ahead, push it. Don’t worry about the screams of humanity you hear behind you. That’s just all your work washing away in the great flood, erupting volcano, or other terrible apocalyptic event. Well, guess what? Time to start all over!

Every time you wipe out humanity, all your little peoples come back as Mutants and you’ll start all over again, stronger than ever! When you push that button, you’ll accumulate more Mutants and ascend to the ranks of the Mutant God. Well, not really, but you get the idea. You can use those Mutants to purchase a few upgrades, but the brunt of the upgrades are purchased with all the cold, dead cash you’ve farmed. There’s also an income multiplier wheel in the game that simply runs on video views. Watch a vid, spin the wheel and you could be 2x-4x’ing your cash flow. It’s free, it just takes a 30-second peep!

Now, you can’t be an evil genius without an animal assistant. That’s where Monkey comes in! He’ll let you know about all the goings on in your Doomsday device… I mean, underground town, of course. He’ll offer you some quests and pop out some Gold as well! Gold is the in-game purchasable currency, but you can also earn it for free via Monkey’s quests and poking those little surface dwellers out of the picture! Gold can also be used for permanent upgrades as well, including Roommates, who are mutants who permanently live in your bunker depending on what floor they buff.

Now, if you think you’ve gotten the handle of watching over your bunker, you’ve barely scratched the surface. There’s four other underground towns that need you to watch over them too. As you progress in Mutants and get your cash flow raging, you’ll be able to purchase more and more lands across multiple towns until you’ll have so much cash and so many Mutants, you won’t know what to do with them all! Oh wait, that’s right. Blow them all up.


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