Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space?! will bring you delight that you have yet to see in an app game. From the super fun dialogue, hysterical character names and awesome music and graphics, the ambiance will suck you in while the gameplay takes you away! After a successful run in the weapon shop of Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?!, you’re rocketed off into space to earn your keep and safe the universe. Well, maybe not the entire universe, but just one lonely spud in it.

As you take over the position of captain on your interstellar voyage, you’ll meet Cassie and Fay. These two potato ladies have lost their grandfather to the villainous organization, The Eclipse. Those baddies are hot on your trail as you zip away to get yourself all dolled up for a fight. You won’t be able to take them down in the beginning though, and that’s where this game will take you. You’ll have to strategize your time, resources, and travel to stay ahead of the bad guys and on target for that final takedown.

Everything you do is a major decision and these decisions can change on the fly depending on how hot on your tail The Eclipse is. If they’re breathing down your neck, you’ll be in full on emergency mode. The turn-based mechanic of the game is called SOLs, and you’ll need to keep up your SOLs in order to explore, travel, and make sure you’re staying on time in the game world. If you run out of SOLs, The Eclipse catches up and you’re in a space battle you’re truly unprepared for.

To get prepared, you must hop around the galaxy obtaining resources, skilled crew members and highly advanced weapons to beef up your ride. Everything about this game is strategy, including the time taken to rest your crew and create your crafts. These are counted down in SOL and not real time, so you have to be “crafty” about the moves you make. You could be still waiting for the big cannons to be created when the enemy is upon you. You’ll have plenty of chances along the way to test out your guns on those that get in your way, including some big bosses. If you’ve progressed correctly, you’ll take them down without issue.

While you’re making many decisions, the game is still fairly linear. If you make the wrong one and waste your SOLs, the enemy catches up. If you make the right one, you follow on the same path every time you play, so the replay value is lacking a little, but you never know what you might have missed the first time. Maybe you’ll even want to be caught on purpose just to see another hilarious cutscene take place. There are so many little nods to nerd lore in this game, it would be impossible to see them all on only one playthrough.

Make sure you’re properly managing everything about your game, even down to the space battles themselves. You’ll get to choose what parts of the ship to attack and you’ll have to strategically place your shields as well. You won’t be able to change them once in battle, so tactic choices are extremely important. This includes when to fire and not fire your weapons due to your level of charge. It’s challenging but will become much easier as you upgrade your weapons and your firepower grows.

You’re well on your way to being the top spud of the space fleet. While the potato jokes are abound, you’ll also meet many other space denizens that are sentient foods and other wacky things. It’s an amazing blend of a complicated and intricate strategy system and a laugh out loud pun fest that will leave you loving this game for a long time.


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