Iron Marines is a fun, mobile RTS with a planetary space setting. If you couldn’t tear yourself away from your computer playing StarCraft, now you’ll have its goofy younger brother safe in your pocket. Instead of focusing on resource development and setting up multiple camps to win games, Iron Marines takes you straight into the fight and lets the resource worrying to those little AI scientists that have your back. They’re a bit underpaid though, so you may be a on the low side for a long while.

Created by Ironhide Game Studio, the makers of the awesome Kingdom Rush series, you can expect just as much fun and fantasy out of Iron Marines. The maps are all uniquely created, not procedurally generated like a lot of games out there today. The music is a joy to hear and keeps you in the action as you’re getting reamed by loads of tiny aliens who want nothing more than to stop your frantic swipe-to-move hero.

Speaking of hero, you’re not stuck with just one. There’s several heroes to choose from, including ones you unlock for free as well as some the game lets you pay for. Obviously, there will be a quality difference between the pay-to-play and the work for it type, but there’s nothing about this game that lets you “pay to win”. Any in-game currency can be earned super easily, if not absolutely thrown at you, and you ultimately never have to pay a dime. They don’t want what’s in your pocket, just what’s in your heart. Aw.

You can’t just do it with one hero alone though. You’ll meet all the space denizens that are ready to stand by your side and fight those baddies with you. A lot of them do echo the type seen in StarCraft including little marines, snipers, Firebats and much more. If it works, it works. Those little homies will follow your commands straight into battle, even if that means a facehugger is going to take them out, repeatedly. They just get summoned right back and do it all again. Be careful though, the psychologist bills for all their PTSD is going to be crazy high.

While the gameplay is not extensively long, the game is an absolute joy to play through. It should take the average player about 20 hours to complete the storyline, or if you’re not average, you’ll never complete it because you’re awful at games like this and you’ll just rage out on map three because the aliens keep killing you the second you resurrect. Not that we have that experience, right? You’ll have your choice of three different difficulties and many maps, bosses, and side missions to attempt them on, so you can rise through the ranks and difficulties and keep playing until your heart’s content.

As you progress through all the unique maps and scenarios, you’ll earn EXP for your hero as well as skill points for the very extensive hero tree. These skills will help you progress further in the game and make you overpowered as heck if you decide to trudge on back to the low levels to bust them out like you’re a damned superhero. REMEMBER ME, SCUM? You’d better run, aliens. King of Space right here. King of Space.


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