If you ever wanted to make your home in a bunker underground as the rest of the world shatters around you, then Sheltered is for you! This post-apocalyptic survival game will take you down and dirty into the life of a family just trying to get by. You’ll be making some life and death decisions constantly like who are you going to feed? Who’s going to fix the water filter out there in the radioactive wasteland? Who’s going to clean out the toilet bucket?

Sheltered brings survival to new heights with its potato level graphics, constantly starving pet, and primitive technology that just keeps breaking down. Honestly, how does a toilet bucket keep breaking? It’s literally a bucket they squat over. As these simple frustrations overtake you, you’ll enjoy the rest of what Sheltered has to offer. It’s a time sensitive, micromanaging game where you need to search for supplies, keep your home base running and hope you don’t let your kids die.

The small joys in your life include a crafting bench with oodles of things for you to craft, if you have the resources that is. There are many items that you can build and place inside your underground home that either help the family or just make the place a little nicer to live in. The furniture and technology lets you move it around the bunker so you can create your own layout, including adding extra rooms and a new coat of paint. Space is limited though and that whole new room may not hold very much so make important choices when creating new bits that hang around your home.

You’ll also be constantly fixing and upgrading things around the house like the water filter, oxygen filter, generator and of course, the toilet bucket. These things break constantly so make sure you keep your little minions on it, so your Sheltered family doesn’t get wiped out. Don’t forget the family pet either. It needs to be fed constantly to keep it from starving as well, but each of the four pets you get to choose from gives you an added benefit so it’s not just dead weight eating up all your chow.

You’ll have to send your family members out on expeditions to bring back those much needed supplies. There may be places close to your base to check out, or perhaps they’re very far away. You’ll need to pack things like water and gas masks to make the trip, so hopefully you bring back enough resources to warrant the excursions. You may be nibbling your last rations as the crew is out getting more. That’s if you find any.

There will be many encounters with other survivors, all NPCs, who want to trade, join you, or kill you. Make sure you’re armed up and ready to go because you never know when they’re going to come knocking down your door. You’ll not only need to tend to your base, but prepare for expeditions, attacks, and doing a little hunting on the side as well. For game, that is. You’re not going out to murder your neighbors before they can murder you, unless that’s an option.

All in all, Sheltered is a great way to get super frustrated that the damn dog is still starving. I mean, that it’s a super fun game where you watch a family be slowly tortured by a radioactive apocalypse. Let me start over. Sheltered is a great game to pass the time and watch the toilet bucket break. Oh, who am I kidding? Sheltered is fun, I swear.


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