Have you ever wanted to own a retail store but didn’t want to deal with the hassle of inventory, accounting and advertising? Well, look no further than Shop Heroes! Honestly, it’s nothing like a retail store, but hey, who’s really counting? In this adorable shop simulator, you’ll be crafting the best weapons, armors, potions and ammo that money can buy. And buy they will! This never-ending cycle of shop life will have you playing all day and selling all night, and that’s just barely scratching the surface.

Shop Heroes boasts about two things right there in the name, a shop and heroes. You’ll run your shop and gear your heroes to send them out on perilous quests for artifacts to craft new gear with and raid items to boost your town score. If you ever wanted a game that was great with spreadsheets, this would be the one. You start off with a meager little shop with items that you craft in seconds to a bustling shopping empire where your time management skills will be put to the test. As the items you craft get more powerful, they’ll take longer to make so plan accordingly!

As for the crafting system, it’s a very straightforward process. If you’ve got the resources, you can craft the item in one of your nine crafting slots. Resources refill over time and you can enhance your town and your storage containers to get more of that juicy, juicy steel a lot faster. Sometimes an item will need an artifact to craft it and that’s where your heroes come into play. The cycle turns as you craft gear to put on your hero to send them out to get artifacts to craft more gear! It may sound redundant, but every quest inches you closer to your final goal. What is that goal? Anything you want it to be.

You can master your crafting items, you can level your heroes and the people that craft the items in your shop. You can level the buildings in your town and enhance the buffs each building gives you for your crafting and quest power levels. There’s even an option to fuse items which you receive early on that will help to raise the quality of the items you craft. Mind you, the Fusion Pot, as it’s called, is the biggest time bottleneck in the game, so this is where you’ll really have to plan accordingly, but you can add slots and buff the Fusion Pot too as you grow so anything is possible!

Lots of gear comes with special stats on it that give buffs to your heroes, so you’ll have to use intricate combinations of items to get the most out of your questing teams. You’ll have to make sure they don’t break their gear, don’t get knocked out for extended periods of time, and bring home the most goodies as possible. If you love math and planning, this is the game for you! If you don’t love math or planning, this is the game for you! Just craft your heart out and don’t worry about the small stuff. Anything you need from quests, you can purchase from other players, so don’t fret if your team wipes out. Just try, try again!

You’ll earn all the gold you need by selling those crafted items to the NPCs that constantly arrive in your store asking for those goods, or to other players through the Trading House. There’s gold, the in-game currency, and gems, the purchasable currency. Gems are super easy to farm in game without paying a dime, so don’t worry about being pay-to-win. You can get everything you need through perseverance and hard work. Start small, grow big and join the cult that is Shop Heroes. I mean, amazing retail game experience with fantasy aspects. That’s what I meant.


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