Space Pioneer is one of the most addicting games of this year. This action shooter is easy to navigate, fun to farm, and won’t let you go once you start blasting away the baddies. The premise is simple: Beam onto a planet and rid it of the bad things about it. You may need to pick up supplies, defeat a building or just clear that mega baddie waiting in the middle. Regardless of the mission, every chance to get down there and start shooting brings you further into a long night of being attached to this game.

The movements are like butter with smooth, responsive turns and auto aim shots. You’ll have to turn and look at your prey, but it’s super easy to get used to and keeps you in the action at all times. Navigating the scenery is a breeze as well as an arrow under your body will keep you in the proper direction. Your little robot buddy will help you out as well and he loves to throw in a little colorful quip or two while doing so. You’ll also have some bonus items at your disposal like a turret and a grenade, but they have their own cooldowns so use them appropriately.

After you clear a mission, or when you open a free lootbox, you’ll get some gold and some skills to upgrade. The game throws so many skills at you, it’s crazy. You’ll need both the skill unlocks and the gold to level up, so farming is almost a necessity, but it is an enjoyment at the same time. You’ll have different options to level like his personal stats, his gear, weapons, bonus equipment and space station. While the game is free, you’ll also have those freemium aspects of gems, but those can also be earned in game as well so you won’t have to miss out on any of the pay-to-win action even if you don’t pay!

Upgrade your hero and your space station because you’ll need all the power you can get in the later stages. Xeldar, the epic boss, is creeping across the universe and leaving mini-bosses in his wake. You’ll have to chase him down and defeat him, but he’s a rather ambitious foe! Gather up all those skills and gold and boost yourself to the hero we all deserve. Luckily, it’s not as simple as leaving your finger on the fire button. You’ll have to manage how often you shoot or your weapon could overheat. You can take those cooldown periods to heal or throw a grenade, or be awesome and don’t overheat at all!

There’s so much to enjoy in this game and there’s no way you’ll ever want to stop playing it. This game can grab those from multiple genres of love, even if they weren’t an action kind of person. Help save the universe from the evil Xeldar and farm your little heart out shooting down all those icky little aliens. Make sure you keep a calendar and mark what day it is when you start playing. You never know how long it will be when you finally stop!


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