Griblers is a very fun strategic board game like RPG. It’s an offline only game so once you buy it, it’s all yours to play at any time whether you have internet or not. It also has no ads and no pay to win features on it, so it’s really a one-time only purchase kind of game that can give you hours of enjoyment! The beautiful graphics and tiled setting gives it a board game like feel along with turn-based strategy where you need to make smart decisions on how to save and improve your ancient town.

Enter the Griblers. Three little Mushroom Trolls (a first in the fantasy realm) who are trying to restore their ancient homeland. When you start off, you’ll be adventuring out into the tiled world to look for food and resources. Those resources will start you on your way to crafting simple tools and starting the building blocks of your upgrades. Beware though as the fog of war rests upon the field. You never know what might be on that tile you’re heading to! It could be some much-needed food, a valuable resource, or a deadly trap! There are even monsters waiting for you out there! Small creatures that are usually no harm to us are deadly to the Griblers. They’ll encounter ants and other small bugs that are normally just foot fodder for us.

You’ll want to take your time and explore the world gathering as many resources as you can. The Griblers form a unique team as they all have their own specialties in this party. You have a brave warrior who is ready to fight to protect the pack. A cunning scout can see through the fog of war and detect any traps around him. Then there’s the lazy one. There’s always a lazy one. He follows behind with his backpack, harvesting up and carrying all the precious resources. You’ll have to make sure to keep him safe as he’s got your most precious cargo!

You’ll take those resources back to down and upgrade your tools and village. As you level, your Griblers get stronger too in how far they can move as well as their health and attack. You’ll need these improved strengths as you go along fighting and gathering your way to victory. Be careful though as the perilous spider will be one of the most difficult enemies you face near the end. If they cut you down, you’ll respawn back at home with all your gear, but you’ll lose a whole level of work. You’ll have to make sure you’ve got the best gear and experience, so you can defeat the spiders and save your homeland!

The graphics are beautiful and draw you into this fantasy world. The enchanting music will keep you going as you plod along through the perilous landscapes. You’ll also enjoy the fun interactions between the Griblers and the humorous dialogue that ensues. You’ll enjoy every minute of the playtime and every resource that you gather that brings you ever so closer to the final encounter. Luckily, it won’t be the actual final encounter as there are future chapters of the game already in the works, so you’ll be able to progress with the Griblers story several times!

This amazing game offers everything to the mobile RPG, strategy and board game lover. The broad genre appeal, adorable encounters and alluring atmosphere make this game A+ quality. We can’t wait to see what the Griblers have in store in the future!