Cat Quest is the purrfect game on the go for mobile gamers and RPG lovers alike. This short and sweet story driven adventure will claw at your heart and bring you towards tears of hysteria, or maybe you’re just allergic to cats. Sorry about that.

Your hero, which is obviously a cat, is an agile fighter, a dapper dresser and comes with more cat puns then you could possibly handle. While you’re cracking up at the jokes swept across this vast open-world, you’ll be on your way to find your sister that has been stolen by an evil cat. It’s Cat Quest, everyone’s cats. Get over it.

As for the gameplay, it handles like a dream. That’s a very good thing as this swipe and slash is dependent on your skills at dodging creature attacks, quickly handling spells, and getting just enough jabs in to take out that terribly cute monster. Whether it’s a ram that must have trained with Thor, or a fox who’s secretly a Flareon, these monsters will have you heading towards the hills and then right back into the fray in just fractions of a second. You must be quick on your feet, and the extremely responsive gameplay can handle your every frantic move.

The open-world houses many towns with rest stops and quests, bushes with hidden prizes or enemies, and caves galore, each with their own little secrets. While running through this lush landscape is super smooth, you might get caught up in the tiny corners of those little happy towns, so try to keep a wide berth while coming in for your cat nap. The last thing we need is for you to get stuck behind a building and rage run into a dragon.

You’ll need to slay roaming baddies and empty treasure laden caves to level up. There’s quite a huge jump in the main story line from the starter levels to the dragon slaying showdown, so adventure around! All of the little towns you find will need help in many ways as shown on their side quest billboards. You could be saving a cursed king, trying to find an armorsmith’s missing packages, and showing everyone you’re a super awesome dragon slayer. These are all big bucks in the EXP department, so straying off the main quest line is not such a bad idea! Better than taking on a dragon when you’re still newborn with a little wooden sword and some big dreams.

One of the best parts of the game is the equipment system. Instead of having to receive a million pieces of gear to upgrade and having to clear out last year’s fashion from your bag every five minutes, you’ll only need to grab one of each gear item. If you find another in a chest, it levels the one you currently have. You’ll still have a wide selection of pieces to wear, but you won’t have to worry about getting rid of a previous level’s fancy hat. Your hat’s pimp levels rise with you!

Cat Quest is a must have for any avid mobile gamer, and it also can be found on Steam for PC as well! No matter how you want to play it, you’ll be happily purring as you swing your sword, equip your funny hat and be the dragon slayer you were destined to… Hold on… Hairball.


Have you always wanted to reboot your own version of the Power Rangers? Remember the good old days in the ’90s where you’d stay glued to the screen to see what crazy monster they’d vanquish next? Well, now you can relive your childhood with Chroma Squad! Well, perhaps instead you’ll learn the gritty truth behind your favorite stage show and just how much work actually went into it!

In Chroma Squad, you’re five disgruntled stuntmen/women that look like the Power Rangers (the game is blessed by Bandai themselves), and you’re fighting the bad guys for the cameras. Fed up with a bossy director, the five stunt people decide to head off and make their own bare bones action show. At the start, you can choose whether you want a casual game where it’s easy to play and you glide through not having to worry about stats or whatnot, or an interesting or challenging game where you’ve got to nitpick over everything that goes on in your studio. From the stats on the gear and costumes to upgrading your camera for more fans and your health care for a bigger health pool.

While that seems a weird thing to do for a staged show, all the fights take into account these stats and your actors could die from their fake fight scenes! This game wraps a tactical RPG with a production sim and ties it up with a big humorous bow. Your actors know exactly what they’ve gotten themselves into and they make loads of jokes in and out of production. From bouncing on their crabby director to getting their own warehouse for production to hiring staff that just happen to be family. Don’t just speed through the dialogue even though it prompts you that you could. You’d be missing out on one of the biggest charms of the game!

Not only will you build up your studio and your fanbase, you’ll be customizing absolutely everything about your show. You cast your five actors (being that they were hiding under costumes, they could have been anyone), and you can even name your studio, catchphrases, Chroma shouts and so much more. After all these customizations, you’ll be deep within the fight sequences themselves. While you have to keep your actors alive, you’ll also have mini-quests to complete during those scenes. Rescue the kidnapped cousin in three turns or make sure to perform three acrobatic acts during the episode. If you complete these quests, your viewers skyrocket. If you fail, well, they’ll most likely start changing the channel.

Everything relies on upgrading, completing amazing episodes and gathering all the fans that you can. After every episode, you get to see the social media feed of your fanbase, and that adds an extra layer to the humor of it all. While the sights and sounds will bring you back to the 90’s, the modern day need to please your fans will have you working every strategic muscle that you can. With three different routes your game can take, you’ll be spending hours, even days’ worth of time making sure you have the best studio that social media can buy. Just try not to get cancelled.


Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space?! will bring you delight that you have yet to see in an app game. From the super fun dialogue, hysterical character names and awesome music and graphics, the ambiance will suck you in while the gameplay takes you away! After a successful run in the weapon shop of Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?!, you’re rocketed off into space to earn your keep and safe the universe. Well, maybe not the entire universe, but just one lonely spud in it.

As you take over the position of captain on your interstellar voyage, you’ll meet Cassie and Fay. These two potato ladies have lost their grandfather to the villainous organization, The Eclipse. Those baddies are hot on your trail as you zip away to get yourself all dolled up for a fight. You won’t be able to take them down in the beginning though, and that’s where this game will take you. You’ll have to strategize your time, resources, and travel to stay ahead of the bad guys and on target for that final takedown.

Everything you do is a major decision and these decisions can change on the fly depending on how hot on your tail The Eclipse is. If they’re breathing down your neck, you’ll be in full on emergency mode. The turn-based mechanic of the game is called SOLs, and you’ll need to keep up your SOLs in order to explore, travel, and make sure you’re staying on time in the game world. If you run out of SOLs, The Eclipse catches up and you’re in a space battle you’re truly unprepared for.

To get prepared, you must hop around the galaxy obtaining resources, skilled crew members and highly advanced weapons to beef up your ride. Everything about this game is strategy, including the time taken to rest your crew and create your crafts. These are counted down in SOL and not real time, so you have to be “crafty” about the moves you make. You could be still waiting for the big cannons to be created when the enemy is upon you. You’ll have plenty of chances along the way to test out your guns on those that get in your way, including some big bosses. If you’ve progressed correctly, you’ll take them down without issue.

While you’re making many decisions, the game is still fairly linear. If you make the wrong one and waste your SOLs, the enemy catches up. If you make the right one, you follow on the same path every time you play, so the replay value is lacking a little, but you never know what you might have missed the first time. Maybe you’ll even want to be caught on purpose just to see another hilarious cutscene take place. There are so many little nods to nerd lore in this game, it would be impossible to see them all on only one playthrough.

Make sure you’re properly managing everything about your game, even down to the space battles themselves. You’ll get to choose what parts of the ship to attack and you’ll have to strategically place your shields as well. You won’t be able to change them once in battle, so tactic choices are extremely important. This includes when to fire and not fire your weapons due to your level of charge. It’s challenging but will become much easier as you upgrade your weapons and your firepower grows.

You’re well on your way to being the top spud of the space fleet. While the potato jokes are abound, you’ll also meet many other space denizens that are sentient foods and other wacky things. It’s an amazing blend of a complicated and intricate strategy system and a laugh out loud pun fest that will leave you loving this game for a long time.


Whether you love creeping around, peaking in windows or stealing people’s things, well, that’s just all super illegal. Why are you doing those things?! If you must, then play Antihero! This digital board game set in a gas-light world is amazing on the eyes, ears and the mind. Use your quick wit and nimble fingers to help your master thief trump his competition and take down the city through bribery, infiltration and murder! Just more illegal things you get to do here!

The amazing graphics and wonderful sounds will transport you into this seedy underbelly of a town you must make your own. You’re not alone out there though, but it’s going to cost you dearly. You and your counterpart will be taking to the streets and working against each other to infiltrate buildings, set up guilds and take down each other before the other takes down you! If you’re not fast or don’t line enough pockets, you’ll find yourself on the pokey side of your enemy’s blade.

As you use your turns to discover pathways and burgle houses for cash, you’ll need that ill-gotten gold to help bribe urchin children to take over churches and banks and other places that are definitely not suitable for children. But hey, it works. If you’re feeling bold, there’s also thugs and guilds at your beck and call to block your enemies and kill your targets. They’ll take their payments in blood, so make sure you’re aiming where you put that dagger.

Once you get into the game, you’ll find there’s so much to do and so many paths to explore. Not just on the streets, but the app itself holds many different experiences around this traitorous title. The campaign will get you up to snuff with its progression through simple 1v1 AI experiences before bringing you to the intricate, sweat-pouring-off-your-forehead moments where you just barely have enough turns to slip by. Once you’re sure you’re really a master thief, you can venture online and test your sneaky skills there. While the cartoon graphics are gorgeous, you can even purchase skins from some of your favorite stories to cover up your devilish characters. These cosmetic only upgrades can bring you into the world of Oliver Twist, Sherlock Holmes, Scrooge or if you’re feeling extra fuzzy, a cast of characters from the digital board game Armello!

With customizable online rules and multiple scenarios and challenges, Antihero makes sure you know how to play the game every which way. The best part is, you don’t have to win just by owning all the money, occupying all the squares or killing all your foes. There are several different ways to win and you can mix and match along the way. Bribe that official, infiltrate that church, destroy that seedy target and you’re well on your way to being infamous! You can beat the board without even letting your foe breathe, or you can make it the epic death match you’ve always wanted full of lies, deceit and death. It’s much better to get that all out in a competitive board game then real life, right? Guys? Am I right? Where did you go…


Possible Pro Tip but change it if you don’t like it because I sucked at this game: Make sure you’re keeping your eye out for the multiple opportunities to win. The straight path is not always the best one. You could be sitting on a gold mine and should have won five turns ago!